Lunch Menu

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Honey Baked Ham (                                            €8.90                              

  Served with mash potato, cabbage & parsley sauce

Lambs Liver (7)                                                                   €8.90             

Served with fried onion, grilled bacon & mash potato 

½ Roast Chicken (                                                  €9.90       

 Served with steamed vegetables, mash potato & gravy 

Mixed Grill (                                                           €8.90          

 Lambs liver,pork chop, bacon,sausages,egg,chips

Home Made Cottage Pie(                                   €8.50           

 Served with salad & fries           

Traditional Beef Lasagne (                                    €9.50       

Layers of pasta and bolognese sauce served with house salad & baked potato

Spaghetti Bolognese (                                           €8.90         

Served with garlic bread

Breast of Chicken Curry (1.7.9)                                          €10.00                                      

 Served with rice & fries

Baked Potato & House salad (9)                                              €7.90     

Choose 2 Fillings: Bacon, Honey Baked Ham, Chicken, Tuna mayo4.9, Coleslaw4.9, Cheddar Cheese7

10oz Sirloin Steak                                      €14.00                                                            

 Grilled Irish steak served with fried onion, sauteed mushroom & fries                                                                            

Steak Baguette (2.7.12)                                                           €10.00

Marinated Steak with fried mushrooms and onion in a fresh baguette served with fries

Pan-Grilled Fresh Salmon (5.7)                                           €12.00                           

Served with steamed vegetables & mash potato


Bram’s Classic Burger(2.7.9) (veggie( option also avaiable)   €8.90                                                    

6oz Beef or Chicken Fillet Burger topped with cheddar cheese, maple-cured bacon,dill pickle, fried onion, garnished with salad, mayonnaiseand served with fries                                                                     

 Quarter Pounder Burger1.2.7.9                                                                                             €7.90                               

  1/4lb Beef or Chicken Fillet Burger topped with cheddar cheese or coleslaw, garnished with salad, mayonnaise and served with fries                                                                                                                   

 Extra toppings: Cheddar Cheese7, Bacon, Coleslaw4.9, Fried Egg4, or Pepper Sauce7.1.2.4       €0.60   

Substitute wedges for fries on any of the above add                                                                      €1.00 


Chicken or Ham or Smoked Salmon Salad (4.9)                €9.50            

Warm marinated Grilled Chicken or Honey baked Ham or Smoked Salmon, cherry tomatoes, mixed leaves, hard-boiled egg, carrot, cucumber, peppers, red onion,coleslaw & honey mustard dressing

Bram’s Chilli Chicken Salad (4.9.10)                                       €9.50            

Warm marinated grilled chicken, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, cashew nuts, mixed leaves &tzatziki dressing

Feta and Beetroot Salad (4.7.9)                                             €9.50        

Mixed leaf salad, sun-dried tomatoes, beetroot, feta, lentils, honey mustard dressing and roasted walnuts

Brams’s Caesar Salad (                                                €8.50

 Mixed leaves, crispy bacon,parmesan drenched in creamy Caesar dressing topped with garlic bread                       With Chicken                                                            €10.00

Bram’s Goats Cheese Salad (7.10.14)                                 €10.00

 Mixed leaves, roasted walnuts, baby beetroot & grilled goat’s cheese with balsamic dressing


 (add fries or house salad + €2.00 add extra filling €0.50)

Freshly made with butter, mayonnaise & salad,            

 choose up to two fillings:                                                                             

 Ham, cheese7, tuna4.9, chicken (plain or cajun), smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise4.9, coleslaw4.9, -Sun-dried tomato                          

Sandwich €5.00 (White Bread2 or Low Gi Brown Bread2.10.12)Baguette2.7.125.80 Ciabatta2.7.126.20    

SOUP + SANDWICH COMBO                           

Soup1 of the day with any 2 fillings & salad

sandwich2. 7.12 €7.50   wrap2. 1.7 €7.80   baguette2.7.12€7.90                        

OPEN SANDWICHES                                      

choose from soda bread2. 7.12or ciabatta bread2. 7.12                                     

Chicken or Honey Baked Ham with wholegrain mustard mayo & salad (4.9)                                                                   €7.00         

Smoked Salmon with Marie Rose sauce& salad (4.5.9)       €7.00         

Tuna and Cheese melt & salad (4.5.9)                                                   €7.00      


Bram’s BLT (                                      with Fries        €7.50

Toasted ciabatta bread, spread with mayonnaise and ballymaloe  relish, filled with bacon, lettuce & tomato                                €5.50

Bram’s CLT (                                    with Fries        €8.00

Toasted ciabatta bread, spread with mayonnaise, Bram’s relish, filled with chicken, lettuce, tomato                         €6.00

Bram’s Club Sandwich (                        with Fries   €8.50

Toasted double-decker sandwich on white bread, filled with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cranberry sauce, grilled chicken & stuffing€6.50

Bram’s Vegetarian Club Sandwich ( with Fries   €8.50  

Toasted double-decker sandwich on brown bread, filled with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, melted cheese, mushrooms                       €6.50


Honey Baked Ham wrap, with cheese, tomato, onion served with Salad or Fries (2.4.9)    €7.60

Chicken Caesar Salad wrap served with Salad or Fries (€7.60

BBQ or Sweet Chilli or Taco Sauce Chicken wrap with cheese, tomato, onion served with Salad or Fries ( €7.60  


Fries                       €3.00               Spicy Wedges2                €3.50

Baked Potato       €2.60               Coleslaw4.9                      €2.60

Garlic Bread2       €3.00                Pepper Sauce7.1.2.4          €2.00

Bowl of House Salad/Vegetables of the Day                  €4.00

Portion of Breakfast Items €2.00     Bread or Toast       €2.00    



Americano            €2.50                 Tea for One                   €2.00

Espresso                €2.00                 Herbal Tea                     €2.20

Cappuccino           €2.60                 Glass of Milk                 €1.60

Flat White             €2.90                 Pint Glass of Milk         €2.20

Latte                       €2.60                Fresh Orange Juice      €2.80

Mocha                   €2.90                Spring Water                  €2.20

Hot Chocolate      €2.60                Mineral Regular            €2.50                                                 Soya Milk             €0.30                Extra Shot of Espresso €0.50


Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake(                    €4.00      

with chocolate sauce and ice cream

Hot Apple Pie (2.4.7)                                                          €4.00   

with ice cream or fresh cream    

Apple & Berry Crumble (2.4.7)                                         €4.00  

 with hot custard  

Carrot Cake (                                                         €4.00 

 with ice cream or fresh cream  

Vanilla Cheesecake                                                      €4.00 

 with ice cream or fresh cream  

Fruit Scone with Butter & Jam (2.4)                            €2.50

Gluten Free Cookies (4.7.13)                                           €2.50

Ask your server for the Desserts of the Day                         

Served with Tea or Coffee                                         €5.50



Chicken Nuggets and Chips (2)                                    €5.50

Sausages and Chips (2.14)                                              €5.50

Burger and Chips (                                              €6.00

Beans and Chips                                                            €5.50

Baked Potato with Choice of Filling                          €5.50

Mash Potato, Carrot and Gravy (                    €5.50

Sausages, Mash and Beans (2.7.14)                               €6.00

Chicken Curry and Rice (                                      €7.00

 (All the above meals served with choice of drink)

Selection of Ice Cream7 with Chocolate Sauce         €3.00

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows                            €2.50

 Babyccino with Marshmallows                                   €2.00